About DFP

DEANS FAMILY PRODUCTIONS began in 2015 with a cow. Specifically, the publication of MOO THOUSAND AND PUN, a picture book featuring Shakes the Cow, created by J. Robert Deans. Robert’s wife published a cookbook, CON GRUB, and their Kidlet created a comic book with Robert, THE MIGHTY HIPPOFARTAMUS, all published in 2015. Since then, DFP has published over 12 children’s books for a variety of ages and reading levels featuring original characters Shakes the Cow, Stanley the Bear From AUNT, the MooseLambs, and more.

Our Services

DFP appreciates the value of a dollar, and we work to make sure every product we sell is one we would buy ourselves.  We also have decades of experience in a variety of creative disciplines that can help any small business – established or just starting out.  From copywriting to design work, we have the skills and background to help your business be the best you want it to be!

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Are you looking for “The Duchy of GRAND PUNWICK”?

Our signature line of Children’s Books, Toys, Comics and more, featuring SHAKES THE COW, The BEAR FROM AUNT, the MOOSELAMBS, DASH & DOTTIE, The MIGHTY HIPPOFARTAMUS and more, can be found at GrandPunwick.com, at the link below!